Disney goes 360

Some of the world’s biggest players are now going virtual

These holidays are shaping up to be extra magical, with even The Wonderful World of Disney getting in on the excitement of Virtual Reality. In November it was announced that MANDT VR, a northern hemisphere 360 video content company, has partnered with Disney to create bespoke, 360 degree videos in time for the Christmas period. Drawing on the magic of Disney, the content will be available on many Disney channels around the world and will showcase the traditional Christmas shows held at Disney’s popular theme parks.

For MANDT, this is an opportunity to work with one of the world’s biggest names in entertainment. For Disney it is the chance to enhance its world-class storytelling, bringing beloved characters and experiences to life.

According to website Kitguru.net, the Disney videos will be full 360 degree experience. They will let viewers look in any direction they please to watch any part of the shows from any angle. It will also give them front-row seats at shows that are traditionally rather packed, making this a unique perspective for most Disney fans.

How exciting for children all over the world to be able to experience the magic of Disneyland in full 360 degrees at the special time of Christmas

Not the only one

Disney is not the only company to be embracing the magic of 360 vision and sharing it with the younger generation.

Children lucky enough to find a Virtual Reality View Master in their Christmas stockings will be able to go on 360 degree adventures through Gotham City with Batman and battle Skeletor alongside classic hero He-Man.

Where the View Master of the 1980s only shared static images with something of a 3D feel, the latest version is a whole new experience.

As well as travelling with their favourite animated characters, children will also be able to take educational journeys back to the time of the dinosaurs, under the surface of the ocean and into the furthest reaches of space, immersing themselves completely in wondrous surroundings.

While not available in time for this Christmas, tech giant Samsung is also developing 360 experiences for children, announcing in early 2016 the prototype of ‘Bedtime VR Stories’ which will take children on a 360degree journey while still allowing their parents to narrate. The best part about this concept is that parent and child won’t have to be in the same room to share the experience – an ideal way for people who regularly have to travel for work to stay connected to their children.

Big names like Disney and Samsung are joining other companies such as Microsoft, Google and even Facebook in the race to deliver world-leading virtual reality experiences, showing that this technology is shaping up to be less of a fad and more of a trend that is here for the long-term.

It will be exciting to see what 2017 brings to the world of virtual reality and 360 video. No matter what happens, 360Dgrees will be keeping its finger on the pulse of this exciting niche in entertainment, education and marketing.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Don’t forget that if you would like to explore the possibilities of 360 video for your business, we are always just a phone call away!