Top 10 Innovative Uses of Mixed Reality

September 25th 2017Administrator
Created by Max Harris, Media Producer at Over the past few years, the immediate tactile excitement generated by Virtual Reality (VR) gaming and clever Augmented Reality (AR)...

Consequence Driving Accountability

August 21st 2017Administrator
Toby Ellis, CEO at The real battleground for Safety Training is creating a culture of safety accountability. It’s the ultimate outcome in a minefield of...

5 steps to perfect 360 video

February 09th 2017Administrator
Learn the skills required to create a great 360 video 360dgrees video is growing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to get...

We’re converging on Convergence!

February 07th 2017Administrator will be on show at Sydney’s upcoming technology event The team behind is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an interactive exhibit at...

Disney goes 360

December 19th 2016Administrator
Some of the world’s biggest players are now going virtual These holidays are shaping up to be extra magical, with even The Wonderful World of Disney...

VR and the automotive industry

December 13th 2016Administrator
VRoooom! Virtual Reality is revolutionising the manufacture and sale of vehicles As with many industries, the rise of Virtual Reality is a total game changer. This...

Four uses for 360 video

November 28th 2016Administrator
Hospitality, Real Estate, Training and Travel can all benefit from 360 video 360 degree video is relatively new technology and is only now starting to creep...

Monetising 360 video

October 31st 2016Administrator
Educating students to the possibilities of 360degree video and virtual reality Recently 360Dgrees’ Ivan Ghirlanda took a trip to Academy Xi, an educational institution based in...

The humane side of virtual reality

October 31st 2016Administrator
Virtual reality is the ‘next big thing’, an industry on the precipice of being worth billions that will transform industries including entertainment, engineering and education. What...