Four uses for 360 video

Hospitality, Real Estate, Training and Travel can all benefit from 360 video

360 degree video is relatively new technology and is only now starting to creep towards the mainstream. It was widely used during the 2016 Olympics and is being harness by creative marketers who are looking for new ways to engage with their audiences.

Many people believe 360 degree video is just for the gaming and entertainment industries, however it has many other applications.

The following four industries can benefit no end from this surprisingly easy to implement technology.


Imagine being able to walk your patrons through a 360 degree video of your premises, showcasing the facilities, the view and the best seats in the house. You can take it a step further by allowing diners to click on their table of preference, see if it is available and book it for the night of their choice.

Large scale function planners can preview venues and with the help of virtual reality you can also stage different themes and decorations and provide walk-through tours.

Real estate

In Australia and around the world, often the most cashed-up home buyers are expats and foreign nationals. Many make a purchase without ever setting foot inside a house. Now, real estate agents can take them on a tour as if they’re there with 360 degree video.

This technology can also be combined with virtual reality to provide tours of apartment developments that are yet to be built. The process requires help from the professionals, but it can make a huge difference to overall sales.


Devices like HoloLens are set to revolutionise the way people learn. By popping on a 360 degree headset students and new recruits can be fully immersed in a dangerous or far away environment, gaining the skills they need without being a risk to themselves or others.

Virtual training using 360 degree video will open a whole new world of streamlined, fast education.

The medical and military fields are two areas where this has the potential to be applied for great benefit.


Journey around the globe without ever setting foot on a plane with the help of 360 degree video. This was demonstrated with impressive tours of the backstreets and beaches of Rio during the Olympics, many of which were conducted on the back of a motor scooter.

The adventure hungry can experience jumping off cliffs or riding the world’s wildest roller coasters, as demonstrated by one of KitKat’s most recent marketing campaigns. Those looking for a cultural experience can visit a different museum, in a different country, every day of the week.

Imagine being able to spend the morning at the Louvre and the afternoon at the Guggenheim in New York! It’s all possible with 360 degree video.

The most exciting thing about this technology is the opportunity to reach an audience that is wider than ever. With relatively low production costs and the high potential for return on investment, it’s no wonder so many companies are grabbing the opportunity to share their products and venues in 360 degrees with both hands.

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