HoloLens, AR and the future of Business Intelligence

Join us for two exciting events

Find out more about HoloLens and the future of Augmented Reality

Sydney’s most in demand 360 video agency is presenting two special events for marketers, brand experts and business owners.

This who are interested in integrating the latest techniques in modern technology to discover new outlets for product promotion will find this session highly informative.

HoloLens, AR and the future of Business Intelligence

Session One:
Thursday 17th November, 6pm @ Lakeba HQ
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Session Two:

Thursday 24th November 4pm @ Microsoft Brisbane

Hosted by 360Dgrees’ Darren Younger, this session will deliver exciting insights into the soon-to-be-released Microsoft HoloLens. Darren will introduce the technology of HoloLens and cover topics including how business can access this groundbreaking product to better reach and engage with their customers.

When combined with Augmented Reality, Microsoft HoloLens has the power to shape the next generation of business intelligence. Ivan will be discussing the big ideas and the simple ways to harness HoloLens to improve all of an areas of your business.

This talk will include guest speakers from Microsoft, who will deliver first-hand accounts of how Microsoft HoloLens is already infiltrating the marketplace.

Join us at one of these sessions for your chance to be let in on industry secrets and for the opportunity to network with industry peers in your city.

What is Microsoft HoloLens?

Haven’t heard of HoloLens? Get ready for the onslaught!  Look like a virtual reality headset, HoloLens uses Augmented Reality to overlay ‘holographic’ objects, combining them with the reality of what you are seeing around you.

HoloLens is being worked on by developers around the world who are exploring its potential to completely revolutionise the worlds of design, training, gaming, education and marketing.

By combining the real world with the digital one, Microsoft HoloLens is creating an entirely new dimension where people can work, play and be entertained. Users will be able to use swiping motions to control their HoloLens world and will also be able to direct what they’re seeing using simple head movements.

Think about the possibilities – viewing your overseas colleagues as 3D holograms during meetings, learning on virtual products in real time and gaming in an environment that combines your lounge room with a fantasy world.

Customers will be able to pop on HoloLens to see what their entire home would look like completely redecorated or even to superimpose new outfits onto themselves from home. The possibilities are endless!

To hear more examples of how Microsoft HoloLens can integrate with your business, book your seat at our information-packed session today!