How 360 Video Can Make Public Transport Easier

New technology has the potential to make catching public transport a more convenient experience

360degree video is already revolutionizing the entertainment and gaming industries, but it has some much more practical applications as well.

The busy team at 360dgrees is constantly looking for new ways to leverage this technology to make people’s everyday lives more convenient. This is why it has made perfect sense for us to throw our hat into the ring as an entrant into Transport NSW’s Future Transport Beacon Innovation Challenge.

This challenge came about after Transport for NSW began working with Sydney Trains to trial the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons. These beacons enable vision-impaired customers to find their way around Sydney’s train stations. Working on this project inspired TfNSW to look for other ways that BLE beacons can benefit travelers.

Contributors including 360dgrees were invited to come up with an innovative product that uses BLE beacons on trains and at stations to benefit the commuter experience.

Rising to the challenge, what we came up with was a way to help customers to find their way around train stations, to better connect them with the commercial providers at the station and to improve their overall experience of catching trains in NSW.

“These beacons enable vision-impaired customers to find their way around Sydney’s train stations”

Thanks to 360 degree video technology, we were able to respond to the Future Transport Beacon Innovation Challenge by putting forward the use of 360 degree video as a way for travellers to familiarise themselves with a train station using an app or website before they leave home.

Our proposal shared how commuters would be able to view the different platforms of any train station and look all around to see where the ticket machines are and what food is available for sale. They will also be able to see exactly where the train arrives and departs so that they can be comfortable that they are in the right place.

By helping commuters to plan their trips from home using complete 360degree footage, or to navigate their way around a train station they are already at, traveling will become less stressful and more convenient.

There is also a hidden benefit: data tracking and analysis that gives Transport for NSW deeper insights into consumer behaviour and activities.

Transport for NSW would be able to integrate helpful updates, timetable changes and advertisements to make travelling on Sydney and NSW’s rail system a breeze.

The winners of the  Future Transport Beacon Innovation Challenge will be announced later this week – we have our fingers crossed that we will be able to share some good news very soon!