VR trends to embrace in 2017

How to leverage VR for the best outcomes this year

2016 Was Just a Warm Up!

Many people around the world received VR headsets in their Christmas stockings. This coupled with the rising popularity of 360video is putting more and more people in the center of the action, so to speak. According to research from tech marketing firm Jon Peddie, 2.7 million VR sets are expected to be shipped to customers in 2017.

If your business has been considering embracing VR (and it should be!), here are our recommendations for getting it right over the coming 12 months.

Experiment with Virtual and Augmented Reality Across Verticals

There are endless applications and creative ways to apply VR, AR and 360 video technology.

You can start small with a short video campaign or go large and create entire worlds for your audience to engage with.

Many outlets are already doing this, sharing 360 degree mountain views, the insides of beautiful temples and even footage of their CEO’s children beginning to walk (so cute, Zuckerberg!).

Videos don’t have to be long to have impact, as long as they showcase something worth looking at.

Embrace Innovation as a Long Term Investment

The new ‘realities’ are here to stay, however many organizations are afraid to try something new.
It is important not to fear failure and to incorporate an element of trial and error into getting your use of VR right.

Some companies experiment for years before releasing things publicly.

Not that you have to spend that much time, but it is reassuring to consider how some of the most successful companies fail time and time again before they launch a winning product.

Give, Give, Then Ask

A marketing strategy that is growing in popularity is one that is promoted by industry expert Gary Vaynerchuk is ‘give, give, then ask’.

This means sharing things of value with your users more than once and instead of using thinly veiled messages, simply asking for their business.

VR and AR can easily fall into the ‘give, give’ of this tactic – providing you an opportunity to share new information and experiences with your target customers before inviting them to make the most of your product or services.

Making the most of social media means you can spread your content far and wide, especially if it is compelling or amusing.

Have Fun!

Tech site Slash Gear points out that while there are multiple applications for VR, games are what people think of first.

Rather than trying to beat them – why not join them? Creating a game that can be played with a virtual headset will put you ahead of the market.

You can try other fun visual experiences as well – these are what will be talked about and shared on social media and can be created for a fraction of the cost of games. Be playful and enlist the help of expert video producers to create content that will turn heads – literally!

For some inspiration, take a look at applications like Game of Thrones 4D, the Paranormal Activity VR game and the many VR roller coaster rides that will literally make your stomach drop.