We’re converging on Convergence!

360dgrees.com will be on show at Sydney’s upcoming technology event

The team behind 360dgrees.com is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an interactive exhibit at the upcoming Convergence Conference and Trade Show in Sydney on September 15th.

This exciting event brings together the IT, telecommunication, electronics and manufacturing industries, while inviting representatives from the health care, entertainment and education sectors. The idea behind Convergence is that technology is blurring the lines between these once very separate businesses, evolving them into one ecosystem. The products and services on display will demonstrate how technology can improve efficiency, reduce costs and boost profits across industries.

At this year’s conference, a diverse group of professionals will come together to hear insights from speakers, technology brands and thought leaders. Topics covered will include exciting new technologies in wearables, robotics and virtual reality.

Delegates will be able to choose from attending presentations by world-class keynote speakers, listening and engaging on interactive panels, joining workshops and learning from ‘expert huddles’ throughout the day. They’ll also have the chance to get up close and personal with new technologies with exhibitor stands.

An array of futuristic providers will be exhibiting their wares at this fascinating event, including software development platforms, robotics suppliers and drone specialists. Some of the leading brands that will be on show at Convergence include:

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • University of Technology Sydney

And of course, 360dgrees.com will be there! Our stand will demonstrate to visitors that virtual reality has very much arrived. Forward thinking professionals will be able to see just how 360 degree video can revolutionise the way their audience sees and engages with their product or service.

On the day, we’ll be shooting a 360 degree video of the event, which will be uploaded to the Convergence website. This awesome video will have an interactive layer on top that lets users click on different exhibitors to find out more about their product. We’ll also be doing live 360 degree interviews and a live stream of the Immersive Symposium that will show you first hand just what 360 degree video can do.

This exciting event is not to be missed for business development managers, marketers, entrepreneurs, trend forecasters, digital strategists and anyone interested in how technology will change the future of business.

To find out more about Convergence, visit www.convergence.events.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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The Refectory

Sydney University
6PM – 10PM